Sixty-Nine Roses

On the Journey of Losing Both my Parents at Once

My parents, Carolyn and Sol Rosen, were married for 69 years. They died at 90 and 94 yesars old within a month of each other in August and September 2010. Each year on their anniversary, dad gave mom one more rose so that on their last March 16th, there were sixty-nine roses snuggled in vases around the house that they designed and built in 1951. They were each other’s soul-mates and, as in any good and long term relationship, they not only deeply loved one another, but struggled and helped one another to change over the years.

After full lives of robust health and vitality, they declined together in a tandem slide. I closely journeyed with them as they traveled their last precious months together in the richness of all that life has to offer: joy, humor, suffering, sadness, love, spiritual connection and celebration. After helping to “midwife” them both through their final transition, I am also writing about what is left with me — loss, grief, comfort and miracles.

Hospital Clowning

Empowerment, Transformation And Healing On The Pediatric Floor

Hearts & Noses Hospital Clown Troupe is specially trained to engage, empower, and give choices to children in a medical environment. Every year, our clowns visit more than 3,500 hospitalized children, infusing hope into the toughest moments for both the children and their families.

Our clowns are volunteers that receive extensive professional training in the delicate art of engaging children in the hospital using improvisation. In contrast to the stress of dealing with medical staff, hospital clowning helps the child feel joyfully and playfully engaged, thereby opening the door to healing.

Cabaret Theatre

One-Woman Shows



Sammy is a happy little girl growing up in the woods with her mother. However, she has one big problem which is that she simply cannot fall asleep at night. One night, a beautiful horse with a rainbow mane visits her at her window and takes her on a journey to find sleep before delivering her home to her very own bed.


Celeste is a bird who lives with her family of singers in a nest in the woods. Sadly, she is the only one who cannot sing but, in the aftermath of a tragic event, Celeste finds her own strength, confidence and creativity in a most unusual way.