Through letters lost and found, this one-woman show finds a daughter exploring her family’s parallel lives during WW2 on both sides of the ocean, featuring songs of the 1940’s from America and abroad.

When my parents died in 2010, within 3 weeks of each other, I found hundreds of over-the-top love letters that they wrote over their seventy year marriage. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to embody their early innocence and dreams juxtaposed with the struggles of my relatives in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Written by Joyce Miriam Friedman

Audience Feedback

I left this show feeling so stirred, moved, inspired and supported. You had the courage and fortitude to do something with

what many of us encounter……memories and relics of our ancestors’ lives.


We all felt drawn into the magic of the conversation, the questions you raised and your deep love for your parents. Your voice is capable of breathing life into an amazing range of songs.

So natural on stage that the effect was one of effortless ease, like an everyday conversation. We felt drawn into the magic of that conversation. What SHOULD we do to preserve the boxes of family archives? What a way to honor your parents.

Left with an all pervasive expression of heart, of love, not only through your parents but also through the other characters with their portrayals using music, props and costumes. Your voice is capable of breathing life into an amazing range of songs.

Deep meaning and heartfelt connection that wove us through time, transporting us into their hearts and ours — there is the sheer joy of your performance and artistry. The show moved it firmly from ‘merely’ performance, to feeling the depth of our interwoven lives and legacies.

Lyrical, graceful, melodic, beautiful, clever, funny, meaningful, musically relevant and brave.

Like a Shaman, A World Apart gathered that which is needed for the benefit of the community and brought it back through ritual, story, movement and song in a digestible healing form to create needed change.


Song List

S’Wonderful – George Gershwin

This Can’t Be Love – Richard Rodgers

There’s a Small Hotel – Rodgers and Hart

Mues – from Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theater

Blue Skies – Willie Nelson

Our Love is Here to Stay – George Gershwin

Yid Du Partizaner – from Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theatre

Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen – Yiddish Lullaby

Time After Time – Cahn and Styne