A Woman’s Journey through Time with Story and Song

Finding Miriam is an inspiring, funny and poignant one-woman show. Weaving story, song and puppetry, Joyce brings to life her journey of discovering her relationship with her great-grandmother, Miriam, and the Biblical Prophetess Miriam.

Written and Created by Joyce Miriam Friedman


Audience Feedback

Joyce grabs your heart and your funny bone from the opening bars and never lets go.


Thank you so much for an amazing evening. It was moving, thought provoking, enjoyable and inspiring! Also passionate and clever.


Thank you for offering your talents to inspire and entertain others in ways that are lasting and meaningful.


I also enjoyed your poignant and clever portrayal of the two Miriams within you and your struggles as a women to inegrate them while finding your own path. Here too you succeeded in sharing a universal theme of struggle experienced by so many liberated women of your generation and your daughters generation…


I’m so glad that I listened to my heart and went to your show at Limmud. You are AMAZING! What a moving production– I alternated laughing and crying throughout your performance. I already knew that you could sing and be witty, but the way you combined those talents with great timing, writing, and introspection was phenomenal.


About Finding Miriam

Author’s Note

This show found me. My original intention was to create a cabaret of my favorite songs. To my surprise, what unfolded was a two-year exploration which led to Finding Miriam.

This show is an autobiographical journey told through magic, time travel, story telling and music. At its core, it is about the interrelationship between the ancestral, archetypal and personal. I am curious about how these forces impact our lives in deep, sometimes imperceptible ways.

The creation of Finding Miriam had a life and timeline of its own. Bits of it came in dreams, meditation, and walks in the woods. Sometimes I’d hear the same song on the radio over and over again until I realized it fed the story line and fit perfectly. The material about my great-grandmother evolved through shamanic theater work. My hospital clown character, Frizzle, influenced the shaping of the show as well. For the rest, I relied on a storehouse of memory.

 Song List

Miriam's Song – Debbie Friedman

Room at The Top of The Stairs – John McCutcheon

I'm Hiding – Danny Kaye

Sentimental Journey – Arthur Green and Les Brown

Into the Woods – Stephen Sondheim

The One Who Knows – Dar Williams

Not While I'm Around – Stephen Sondheim

Immigrant Song – John McCutcheon

Que Sera – Livingston and Evans

At Times Like This – Ahrens and Flaherty

Much More – Harvey Schmidt

I've Got You Under My Skin – Cole Porter

Happy Wanderer – Moller

Dreamscape – Stephen Sondheim